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listen ~ feel

listen to sounds of the natural world and experience the music and soundscapes inspired by them

feel sound resound in cinematic surround sound

immerse yourself in sound collages, montages and music created on acoustic and electronic instruments

explore the connections between science, sound and music

moments of natue

moments of nature in music

~ 7 audio-visual pieces inspired by the natural world ~


by Nick Chamberlain 

In the June '22 SoundMuse exhibition, composer Nick Chamberlain presented 'Moments of Nature in Music', a large scale audio visual piece.

"...The natural word also inspires my audio-visual work in a more direct, familiar way. Moments Of Nature In Music is a series of seven pieces inspired by such familiar things as rain, wind, flowers and bees, each evoking a fleeting series of moments. The video images sometimes directly illustrate the music and soundscapes, but at other times, the sounds themselves are creating the images in real-time.”

Flowerbee (4' 31") (extract)  info & complete version

"‘Flowerbee’ is a standout, a piece of music for piano and cello is visualised by a pair of Eidophones – drum-like membranes covered in lycopodium powder which shifts into geometric forms as the music plays."

Birmingham Review

Stream of Light (6' 28") (extract) info

Song of the Solstice (4' 34") (extract) info & complete version

Apparition (4' 12") (extract) info  

Songs in the Raindrops (4' 38")  (extracts) 

Float (1' 54")  (extract) info

Wind:Song of the Air (5' 30")  (extracts) info 


Wind:Song of the Air for guitar quartet (complete stereo audio version) 

00:00 / 05:30

'Wind: Song of the Air' is influenced by Japanese music, especially Japanese folk song called min'yo. It is an impression of the various 'voices' of the wind.

The piece was longlisted for the Britten Sinfonia Opus 13 composition competition.

moments of nature in sound

~ sound collage and soundscapes ~


by Nick Chamberlain 

Sound for Time's Sake (collage) (extract from stereo audio version

00:00 / 01:56

'Sound for Time's Sake' combines sounds created on unconventional electronic, handmade and antique instruments with recordings taken from the natural world. These are woven together to form a multi-layered soundscape that takes the listener on a journey from the birth of the universe to the dawn of culture.

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