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the sound of nature and the nature of sound...

Created by musician, composer and teacher Nick Chamberlain, SoundMuse explores the mysteries of sound - from the earliest vibrations of the infant universe, to the dawn of human culture, when sound began to be organised into what we would now call music. 

A Brief History

...from the birth of the universe to the dawn of culture

SoundMuse draws on physics, biology and anthropology, combining detailed scientific research with specially created music and visual art. Through this multi-faceted approach, a deeper insight can be gained into the sound of nature and ultimately, the nature of sound itself.



the sound of nature and the nature of sound

(7-24 June 2022, Have Gallery, Birmingham)


"The exhibition feels as if you're walking through someone's learning process, picking over sketches and experiments. Large posters explain the inspiration behind the pieces in a way that really invites the audience into what could be an intimidating subject matter."

Birmingham Review

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