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past events


SoundMuse at BOM Gallery


In April and May '23 Nick directed a series of workshop as part of BOM gallery's 'A Blueprint for Life'.


The workshops explored 'visible sound' via Cymatics, pendulum painting and harmonograph drawings.


Nick worked with students from Baskerville and Halesbury schools to 'capture' sound waves on metal plates, dishes of water rubber membranes.

SoundMuse Exhibition 



The Hive Gallery, Birmingham ~ 7th - 24th June 2022



the sound of nature & the nature of sound

Pulsar Workshop

SoundMuse at BOM Gallery


In August 2021 Nick directed a workshop as part of BOM gallery's week long Summer Camp, 'PULSAR'.


The workshop explored 'visible sound' via the work of scientists Ernst Chladni, Margaret Watts-Hughes, Hans Jenny and Alexander Lauterwasser.


Nick worked with fourteen 7 to 13 year old students to create stunning visual sound patterns on strings, metal plates, rubber membranes, water and soap bubbles.

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