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sound science

think ~ connect

sound is everywhere,
in everything
from the very very small
to the very very big, 
from particles to people to planets and even the universe
sound is all around

learn how sound has played a part in solving some of the biggest scientific mysteries like the Big Bang beginning of the universe and the discovery of Einstein's gravitational waves


explore the connections between science, sound, music and visual forms

understand how animals evolved to sense and create vibration and develop ever more complex larynxes, ears and brains for communication

discover how the human mind, over time, began to understand the nature of sound as energy, resonance, wave and psychological phenomenon 

understand how sound is intimately connected with mathematics and how the physics of a single sound may have affected the way music developed

discover how early humans eventually organised sounds into patterns - ‘music’ - for social cohesion, ritual and eventually for its own pleasure

watch 'Patterns of Sound'

hearing sounds


Ear bud and human middle ear bones on a fossilised whale inner ear bone

making music 


Ancient musical instruments (from bottom left, clockwise):

juju stick shaker, angklung, African lute, bansuri, horn


get into the detail...

discover more in a PRESENTATION

get hands on in a WORKSHOP

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