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get hands on


take part in a workshop

learn by doing - get an up close, hands on experience with the historic and quirky instruments and apparatus 

explore the amazing shapes and patterns in science, art, sound and music

connect with the first music makers and be inspired by the natural world 

create your own unique work 


workshop 1

make art from science

~ sound: seen as well as heard​ ~

explore the incredible connections between science, art and sound

recreate fascinating science experiments on unusual hand made instruments: 'Sing' sand into beautiful patterns on an eidophone, 'draw' musical harmonies with a harmonograph or use a loud speaker to 'tune' water into mesmerising symmetrical forms

create your own stunning images with the patterns and shapes of sound

  • Suitable for ages 7 to adult 

  • Key Stage 3 science

  • Workshop can be adapted for Key Stage 2 science 

workshop 2

make music from nature

~ music: arranged sounds ~

explore the patterns and shapes of music by listening, copying and improvising on your instrument

discover how great music can be created using simple techniques

connect with the first music makers by playing instruments fashioned from stone, wood and bone  

create, play and record your own music inspired by the natural world


  • Suitable for ages 11 to adult, approximately grade 1 and above technical standard on an instrument  

art from science
music from nature

about the tutor

bsge skills.jpg

Nick Chamberlain has over 20 years experience working with youth and amateur ensembles. Whilst tutoring for the Birmingham Music Service, he has led many workshops and organised larger scale educational events including one with the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. Three of the plucked string ensembles he directs have been invited to perform at the National Music for Youth festival.

plucked string ensembles

Make Art from Science

Nick directs 'Make Art from Science' workshops exploring the visualisation of sound. Most recently he has led a workshop as part of BOM gallery's week long Summer Camp. In 'PULSAR', Nick worked with fourteen 7 to 13 year old students creating stunning visual sound patterns on strings, plates, water and soap bubbles.


Take a look at Nick's work at BOM's PULSAR Summer School, here. 

Make Music from Nature

Nick has been an SPNM (now Sound and Music) shortlisted composer. He has been involved with several composition workshops including ‘Score’, an improvised workshop with LSO string players and Sound and Music's Adopt-a-Composer scheme. His piece Wind: Song of the Air, inspired by the various 'voices' of the wind, was long-listed for the Britten Sinfonia Opus 13 composition competition. 'From a Railway Carriage', a choral piece written for the Glasgow Lyric Choir, was broadcast on Performance on 3, Radio 3.

The 'Make Music from Nature' workshops provide an opportunity for students to explore how the natural world can inspire and inform the composition process. 

Hear Nick's interview on Performance on 3 where he talks about how he worked with the choir to create the piece.

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From a Railway

From a Railway Carriage for SATB choir (with divisions)

by Nick Chamberlain 



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